Tourism is defined as an earth-beating angue, that is to say, to move and walk from one place to another, whether in a given country or territory or in the whole world in order to meet certain needs, far from the place of permanent residence, the business climate or the war; It is a set of activities and activities that serve tourists and contribute to the provision of housing, transportation and recreation for all tourists.

Tandamaaye Investment Corporation offers studies on tourism planning integrating the tourism sector and linking it positively with other tourism sectors, while achieving the objectives of public policies of economic and social development at all levels and evaluating the local cultural, natural and historical heritage of the Republic of Chad. Through the development of the tourism sector, we facilitate tourists and investors a tourist guide on the most beautiful sights of Chad. The main sites of tourist attractions of Chad: Lake Chad, Oasis of Guelta Archie, The capital N’Djamena, National Zakouma Park.

Tourist Services

Accommodation: in all places used by the tourist to stay temporarily on arrival in Chad or in the country he wishes to travel, he will find the forms of camps, hotels and tourist apartments.


We rely on the application of a specific tourist program for tourists, for example: Cultural Tourism: We transfer tourists to see the special features of the societies of the past.

Recreational tourism

For the purpose of entertainment and practice many hobbies, we offer certain practices such as fishing, hunting of birds and animals (deer, rabbits of all kinds), and other cute animals allowed to be hunted.

We organize trips to visit religious, natural, archaeological and historical areas, parks, markets and shops.