Environmental protection is one of the most important goals that Tandamaaye aspires to achieve by conducting studies and research in this area .Thus, by raising citizens’ awareness of the need to avoid an environment full of waste and by taking certain possible methods, such as avoiding the combustion of waste. Because smoke and the resulting gases significantly affect the coverage . Avoid throwing garbage in random places; avoid using petroleum gas and replace it with environmentally friendly alternatives such as coal. Also avoid operating unused electrical appliances as this helps to save energy. Recycling is now widespread in all countries and is one of the best ways to exploit and recycle waste.

Fight against carbohydrates pollution

Oil pollution is the release of gases, liquid or solid, from compounds or mixtures into the environment, namely air, water and soil, causing a change in the presence of these elements. The pollution of the seas and oceans by hydrocarbons causes very serious disasters.

Some can be observed, and controlled since the beginning of pollution in a few days and months, and others that cannot be controlled because the serious effects appear only after several years.

Damage caused by oil pollution is spread across all life forms, “human, marine and wild organisms, birds and plants”. The most dangerous and stable petroleum compounds are also transmitted to humans through the food chain, where they are stored in the liver and fats of marine animals after several years.

Studies have confirmed that oil is characterized by its great ability to interact and spread in nature in many forms. Access to air, land, freshwater, seas, oceans and many forms of water depends on many biological, physical and atmospheric factors, knowing that all these forms are very dangerous and can meet. In one or more places or in all forms, the higher the number of forms, the more difficult it is to get rid of them. The different forms of interaction and proliferation of oil in nature are: proliferation (propagation), derivation, evaporation, disintegration and natural decomposition and emulsion formation (water and oil mixture), dissolution, oxidation, sedimentation, and bacterial degradation (biodegradation).

In conclusion: “The combustion of oil causes the emission of many of the most dangerous gases, emitted by compounds that are toxic and harmful to human, animal and environmental health”. What is the solution?

Tandamaaye makes oil, a friend of the environment, through specialized studies and international expert companies.

Concern for the environment and its protection against pollution are no longer a political issue of the Ministry of the Environment and the associations concerned, but one of the priorities of the individual. Studies, research and experiments have shown that it is the duty of every individual to protect the environment in which they live, in order to prevent pollution that directly harms human health and destabilizes it, which also undermines his mental health and emotional stability. Everyone is therefore looking for the right answer to the most frequently asked question: how to protect the environment from pollution? TANDAMAAYE offers you the best scientific solutions to protect and preserve the environment.