Oil is the raw material for many chemicals such as pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, pesticides, solvents and plastics. It is also important for global energy consumption (41%). It is important to be an important source in the petrochemical, chemical, plastics, industrial fiber, fiber, dyestuff and modern industries. Energy sources, compared to nuclear fuel and coal, are the cornerstone.

TANDAMAAYE therefore attaches paramount importance to the implementation of oil projects with major international companies specialized in oil.

Electricity services

Electricity has become the primary source of energy in our daily lives and the main operator of all devices and machines that we cannot give up. We are working to create a climate conducive to investors in the field of electricity using modern methods of electricity generation.

Natural Gas

Natural gas supplies 22% of the world’s energy, accounting for almost a quarter of electricity production. It also plays a crucial role as a raw material for the industry. Natural gas is a multipurpose fuel and its growth is partly related to its environmental benefits, compared to other fossil fuels, in terms of harmful gas emissions. As a result of increased gas production and demand, TANDAMAAYE attaches the utmost importance to the development of the infrastructure of the gas flow industry in the Republic of Chad, in order to enhance domestic consumption and exports in order to improve the use of gas in the Republic of Chad .In promoting global energy security.

Alternative energy

We are proposing studies on modern methods of electricity generation, as the world is gradually turning to electricity generation from alternative and renewable sources, mainly solar, wind and hydro. Future sources of energy production, sustainable energy sources and protection of the environment against pollution.