The importance of transport lies in the fact that it is the tool by which the market can be extended. By exploiting human and material resources that have not been exploited before, we can increase production and improve its quality and contribute to the movement of goods and labor to the places where it is most useful. Transport is perceived as the sensitive nerve of the economic and social entity at the country level, and as an effective means of achieving continuous communication between the different points of the economic and productive process, to cope with the horizontal expansion of cities, and reduce the distances between the product and the consumer, reducing the time factor or transferring the workforce to sites, where we have the most influence on the production process to achieve the best investment of the product. These human energies. TANDAMAAYE strives to provide transportation services and investment services in land, sea and air transport.

Car transport

The importance of car transport comes from the easy and fast interconnection between scattered geographical areas, which are often difficult by other means, to achieve the communication process with the same flexibility as cars. The development of the motor transport must be accompanied by the planning and the development of the roads which can ensure a smooth circulation of these vehicles, so that the company TANDAMAAYE cooperates with the houses of experiment and the investors to develop and modernize the networks of transport. This results in increased efficiency of the production process and the social performance of the car.

Transport by sea

Maritime transport is one of the first means used by man for interregional and especially intercontinental mobility, because waterways are available in a natural and significant way. This has promoted long-distance communication, and the major revolution in the water transport sector has taken place after the invention of the steam engine and the use of the boats. Inventions continue in the construction of ships of all kinds up to the capacity of some ships to transport (2-3) million tons of goods. Perhaps the secret of interest in the use of this means of transport lies in a significant reduction in the costs borne by the goods because of their long distance, especially when moving from one continent to another.

Air Transport

TANDAMAAYE attaches the utmost importance to air transport for its role in the transportation of passengers between different regions of the earth. This provides them with the effort and time they can leverage in other work. More useful, he helped turn the world into a small village. Spacing with TANDAMAAYE, you can perform a variety of tasks on a regular basis, including reservation, exchange and transport of goods between exporters and importers, which is a good way of transporting cargoes and parcels between different parts of the world.