Investing in Tandamaaye Group’s Investment Banking concept is a long-term investment based on partnership,

Preparation of studies in the field of roads and bridges and implemented by competent experts and engineers

Environmental protection is one of the most important goals that Tandamaaye aspires to achieve by conducting studies

Our goal is to provide the basic infrastructure for agricultural development in the Republic of Chad,

Nous attachons une importance primordiale à la mise en oeuvre de projets énergétiques et miniers avec de grandes firmes

The importance of transport lies in the fact that it is the tool by which the market can be extended.

Nous travaillons à l’exportation du produit fabriqué par la République du Tchad, dans le domaine d’agriculture, d’élevage et de mine.

We have concluded several cooperation convention for ICTs and telecommunications development in Chad

Nous préparons des études de faisabilité pour des projets et invitons des investisseurs et des partenaires financiers

Tourism is defined as an earth-beating angue, that is to say, to move and walk from one place to another