The Tandamaaye company for investment, trade and public services, is working to develop the infrastructure, including the means and tools used for the design and installation of construction, and the places that make up the neighborhoods, villages and cities such as: roads, tunnels, bridges, railways, airports, electrical installations, renewable energy networks, communication, and water networks, health facilities, education, sports facilities, construction engineering, oil, gas, mining, agriculture, breeding, environmental conservation, transportation services, construction of land and sea ports, public parks, and other infrastructures contributing to the progress of society and the development of public life for the better. Through the provision of a wide range of resources to assist individuals, in cooperation with a number of international companies, expert companies, international finance companies and foreign investors, to promote sustainable development.

Our Vision

We work to promote the development of investments and engineering, exploiting modern technologies, in the field of investments and engineering construction, to meet the expectations of our customers.

Notre Mission

Nous travaillons à promouvoir le développement des investissements et de l’ingénierie, en exploitant les technologies modernes, dans le domaine des investissements et de la construction d’ingénierie, pour répondre aux attentes de nos clients.

Our Objectives

The convenience of the customers and the provision of the best services, in the fields of import and export, commercial and agricultural investments, public and animal services and technical construction.